Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring is Here!

Spring has officially started! As of March 20, 2013 spring has been on the tips of everyone tongues.

Much to the delight of the local squirrels and wildlife, one of my best friend is in planting mode. Every year he buy tons of plants, seeds, and bulbs and tries to populate his  small plot of front yard with so many flowers I've never heard of, but love to watch flourish. This is the way he prepares for Spring.

Another friend of mine is in cleaning mode. She is getting rid of all the clothes she doesn't wear, donating to goodwill old shoes, incomplete glassware cup sets, and finally cleaning out her hall linen closet that's packed so full, the door swings open all by itself! She is using great and organic cleaning products and scrubbing down the cobwebs of her winter hibernation. This is the way she prepares for Spring.

I, on the other hand, am detoxifying my body. Over the winter I've packed on more than a few lbs, I've become a takeout master, and I can't quite remember the last time I ate an orange. My diet has consisted of heavier foods as well as carbs for energy and too many cheat days to count. This is how I prepare for Spring.

How do you prepare for Spring? How about trying something new?

Submit stories for "How To Prepare For Spring" and we will feature the best ones!

Stay Yummy!

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