Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Energy Fruit Punch

                                                              Summer Time Punch  

We here at Yummy Holidays consider Summer an extended holiday. Summer has many similarities to traditional holidays such as traditions (grilling and going to the beach ) costumes (shorts, short-sleeves, etc.) and even decorations (window fans and screened windows) which is why Yummy Holidays is coming up with a traditional summertime drink. Drink up and get an energized and refreshing taste packed with anti-oxidants and nutrients!

                                                            Energy Fruit Punch

·         12 oz. fresh Pear Juice
·         12 oz. fresh Carrot Juice
·         5 oz. fresh Mango Juice
·         2 tablespoons lemon juice
·         3 tablespoon Acai juice
·         ½ cup Men’s Tea
·         1 cup crushed ice
·         Sliced lemons

1.      Steep 3 teaspoons with an infuser (included) in your tea pot of hot boiling water.
2.      Let tea cool for about 20 minutes.
3.      While tea is cooling, mix pear juice, carrot juice, mango juice and Acai juice with crushed ice
4.      Slowly stir in eSutras Organics Men’s Tea. The tea works as a energy boosting addition to the nutrient rich carrot and pear juice, while the Acai juice adds notes of sweetness.
5.      Shake well and keep chilled. Toss a few pieces of fruit to the mix to get more nutrients in this punch!
6.      Fill your water bottle up with this delicious mixture and get ready for an energy packed morning run!

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