Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chocolate Done Right

Chocolate Done Right

Have you checked out this great organic line of gourmet drinking chocolates we now offer? Cocoa Cravings is a brand new line of organic cocoa drinks that range in health benefits and flavors. There’s something for everyone with this great line of top quality cocoa. Not only are these new cocoa drinks beneficial to your health, they have a variety of way to drink. Cold outside? Mix up a delicious hot drink of Picante Cocoa! A delicious blend of cinnamon powder, ayurvedic spices, soy powder, and chili powder. The extra spices will definitely keep you warm! 

Your town going through a sweltering heat wave? Chill out with Cocoa Cravings Berry Cocoa! A fruity mix of raspberry powder, tomato powder, lemon peel, and strawberry powder. It can be served cold and will surely put an organic and chocolatey spin on summertime drinks. Great for moms who want to easily add nutritional value to their children’s diet, kids will even ask for more! These are only two of a huge array of choices from weight loss cocoa drinks to potassium and fiber rich ones Cocoa Cravings has it all!

·         Curried Cocoa

·         Cocoa Hoodia

·         Cool Peppermint Cocoa

·         Orange Cocoa

 ·         Banana Cocoa 


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