Monday, December 19, 2011

Keep in Shape All Year Round

Summer is gone and winter is here…but that’s no excuse to slack in the fitness department. Every spring/summer we see tons of advertisements about slimming down for bikini season, or losing those pounds you packed on during the winter and the holiday season. How about keeping your fitness regime year round?! Understandable colder weather comes with those holidays that are prone to eating fatty foods. There is a way to still have a happy and traditional family feast without gorging on greasy food.

•    Try smaller portions:

Just because it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas and there’s enough food to feed a small village, doesn’t mean you have to pile everything on your plate. If your Thanksgiving is anything like the one’s my family throws there will be tons of different varieties of food. Try to have a small amount of everything and you’ll be full before you know it. Besides there will be leftovers for weeks afterwards, whatever you didn’t get a chance to try on Thanksgiving, you’ll enjoy next week for lunch!

•    Less saturated fat:

Saturated fat has gotten a bad rep lately. And while saturated fats do have some health benefits (when combined with other healthy food like fruits and vegetables) the saturated fat I’m referring to actually refers to a category of saturated fat that includes a number of different fatty acids.  Lauric acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid all classified as saturated fats have different effects on different people, with different diets. But less of them are healthier in general for everyone. Although it is a bit harder to burn off saturated fat than most fats.

•    Diet Supplements:

No one is made the same. Different body types require different ways to lose weight or stay healthy. Some people benefit from things like diet supplements, which help decrease appetites. Try a  delicious diet supplement, Cocoa Hoodia Diet Drink is the perfect blend of organic herbs that have appetite suppressing properties. Not to mention delicious organic cocoa!

•    Exercise:

There are a lot of ways to help lose weight and stay trim, but the old tried and true method of exercise is, in my opinion, the best. There are so many different ways to exercise: biking, jogging, or even going to a gym. Also, it works out many different part of your body inside and out! Any diet enhancing method should be used in addition to actual exercising.

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