Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Eco-Friendly Christmas Decorations

Christmas Recycled

If you want a real tree, purchase from a small-scale sustainable grower and make sure you choose a tree with roots so it can be replanted. If you can’t replant, recycle the tree. Most towns offer Christmas tree recycling, so check with you district.
Another alternative is to use found dead twigs that you can decorate - a few branches gold painted or splashed with white paint will give it a snowed on look. Also, decorate with bows and painted eggs as ornaments.

Pine Cone Decorations
Dip in melted candle wax: beeswax or natural-based candles. Cones can also be painted by hand by using a gold paint or splatter them with white paint to create a frosted appearance, tie a beautiful ribbon around the top and hang your beautiful decoration from the tree.

Use eggs, cut out stars, cut out suns and other shapes, to make stars ornaments. Draw a simple shape, and use this as a silhouette to trace around. Cut the shape out of cardboard and paint, wrap in foil or re-use gift wrap.  Don’t forget about the oldest and most reliable ornament: Paper cut into snowflakes!

Make bows out of old material, ribbon, anything. Old dresses or shiny skirts that would make lovely bows. Old curtains, leftovers at fabric shops, thrift stores finds, all of these items would make perfect bows!

This can also be used as a fun project for the whole family to do!!

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