Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Beat the Cold Weather Blues

Walking to work this morning was the pits. I live in Chicago and today’s weather forecast was rainy, cloudy, and to top it all off wind speeds up to 50 mph…The weatherman, for once, wasn’t lying. Scarf wrapped around my face, head bowed, I trudged against the whipping gusts Chicago is notorious for. By the time I made it in, what little of my face that was exposed was numb, and chapped. My hands were frozen, incapable of movement. My fall jacket was seriously being considered replaced by a much bulkier version with layers underneath.  The words of the Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, “We’re not in Kansas anymore.” aptly applied to my sentiments about Chicago’s weather…we’re not in summer anymore.

A part of me was sad with this discovery, but a part of me was excited. Cold weather is a hassle to deal with, but some really fun things happen in winter. Sledding, snowball fights, relaxing after a hard day out with a delicious and hot tea. The hot drinks eSutras Organics has to offer are just what I needed after battling the north wind. My favorites? Energize Tea really hits the spot after a tiring day of work and errands. This hot drink gives you a boost of energy, without the crash and burn afterwards. It’s ideal for giving you that extra perk at the end of a long day.

Sometimes, though, after a long day you don’t want that extra burst of energy. You want to just relax, with a great book, and a soothing tea. Easy Sleep Tea is great for relaxing right before you drift off into a warm, comfortable sleep. It contains such things as blue lotus, Damiana, and lots of other herbs especially combined to provide an aromatically relaxing atmosphere.

Not everyone is a tea person, though, and I've got you covered! Choose from an array of delicious cocoa drinks!  Drinking Cocoa Mix is one of the best hot chocolate drinks I’ve tasted. It contains delicious and healthy organic cocoa as well as a medley of spices that make this hot cocoa more than ordinary.

Don’t miss out! Give them all a try a beat the winter blues!

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