Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Year's Party Tips

 One of the most fun holidays is New Year’s…well New Year’s Eve to be exact. Everyone is in a terrific mood celebrating the start of a new and positive year. Everyone looks their best, glitter and confetti cover every square inch of celebrations, noise-makers are constantly being blown, and it’s not even annoying! It’s festive! Resolutions are made to live better lives; plans are made to either watch the classic ball drop at home cozied up on the couch or in the middle of a screaming and cheering crowd. It’s an all around great time, bringing so many people together regardless of age, race or religion. For those of you who want to make your New Year’s that much more memorable by throwing an awesome bash here are some tips to help your party kick off without a hitch!

•    Table Decorations – If you’re serving appetizers at you shindig setting up an easy, yet elegant
serving table is a must! A white nice table cloth with confetti strewn on top adds a festive touch without too much preparation. Leave little presents and New Years paraphernalia, like noise makers, scattered on the table to make the party more interactive!

•    Streamers and Balloons – You don’t have to spend lots of money to create interactive decorations. Pick a color theme and match your streamers and balloons to it. This way you get a more structured and elegant look to your party. Bonus: Get lots of balloons, pour some confetti into each of them, fill them with helium and let them pile up on your ceilings. Have your guests pop up the balloons as the clock strikes 12 at midnight to create a shower of celebration!

•    Lighting – Although candles are very in this season, and provide a nice ambiance, real fire is dangerous to have around dancing people and showers of confetti. Try to find electric candles, they’re safe to have around and recreates the exact same lighting a real candle would. Keep the dancing area dim with these, but make sure you have a well lit area to encourage mingling.

•    Food – Stick to small easily eatable appetizers. Buy larger chips so you can set up a platter with the dips already on the chip. This cuts back on germs spread by double dipping. Use a bean dip or something with a lower viscosity so as not to make the chips soggy. Other good ideas; smoked cheesy popcorn a modern twist on regular popcorn, or even try grapes! New Year's revelers in Spain consume twelve grapes at midnight—one grape for each stroke of the clock. This dates back to 1909, when grape growers in the Alicante region of Spain initiated the practice to take care of a grape surplus. Start a fun and healthy tradition!

All of these ideas are sure to make staying up until midnight hassle free and fun!

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