Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hot Drinks Help Cold Weather

There are always good and bad things about the seasons changing. For instance when the season changed to summer I was psyched! Hot weather, tons of outdoor concerts, biking near lake Michigan, and my favorite birthday! My enthusiasm slowly, but surely, turned to annoyance when it rained most of the summer, putting humidity at the top of my "Enemies" list, warmer weather brings out more people which means more cars which means nix to nil on safe biking. My birthday did turn out wonderful, if a little sweaty.

Same rules apply with this upcoming winter season. The changes that overload my brain tend to be huge piles of snow, horrible wind gusts, back-breaking shoveling..all things I abhor! But there is a silver lining to the season big piles of snow can equal amazing sledding and snow angels galore. Shoveling can easily lead to an exhilarating snow-ball fight, and horrible gusts of wind? Well, I'm not sure what's great about those! But one thing I am sure of is that another perk of cold weather is the delicious hot drinks you wouldn't be able to absolutely enjoy if it were hot out. Here are a couple of unique teas and hot cocoas I flock to when the weather outside is frightful!

eSutras Organics Sleep Easy Tea, a great tea for relaxing after a cold day out.

Green Mountain Coffee's Fair Trade Organic Hot Cocoa, a delicious taste, but it's good for you! Very fresh and tasty. Throw a couple marshmallow in and you're set for the rest of the winter!

I'm personally a big fan of green tea over most other teas, there is just something refreshing about them. These are some of the best I've tasted. Fresh ingredients, organic, and unique!

Remember, even though the seasons change there are always good things that come with the it'll be whatever season you want it to be before you know it!

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