Friday, October 28, 2011

Holiday Decorations Made Easy and Organic

Decorations may be my second favorite part of the holiday season (the great food is the first!). Halloween decorations are so much fun to put up. You can put so much creativity into making your home into the perfect haunted house. Cobwebs covering your ceiling, ghouls perching in dark corners, all of these things make Halloween so exciting and fun to decorate. The only down side? Halloween is over after October 31st! Once the date passes, it becomes a decorating faux pas to have a witch riding her broom plastered across your window. Cob webs go from spooky and fun to just plain spooky! Halloween decorations are simply garish after the holiday has passed. That's why I'm offering a few tips to keeps your home seasonally decorated without keeping horrible left-over Halloween decorations.
Pumpkin Centerpiece:
Don't get rid of those pumpkins you bought for Halloween just yet! You can make beautiful holiday centerpieces for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Follow these simple directions and you can have an awesome centerpiece that's perfect fort he holiday season:
1. Cut small pieces of berry bush and other seasonal flowers (sunflowers, roses, oak leaves, eucalyptus etc.)
2. Cut a round hole at top of pumpkin with a pumpkin cutting knife.
3. Cut foam to fit inside opening in pumpkin and glue in place.
4. Cut flowers into shorter stems, and glue some on each side of arrangement.
5. Insert flowers in the center of arrangement, at different heights.
Just a little creativity and glue and you have a decoration that will last, plus you're recycling. Make sure you spray the centerpiece with an organic oil to preserve the pumpkin so it doesn't wither with time.
Nothing says Thanksgiving like a lovely wreath hanging on your door. And if you pick one that's parallel with the season's colors you can leave it up for months at a time! Here's one of my favorites:
Indian Corn Fall Wreath
Just gather and glue red silk leaves and miniature Indian corn (husks included) to a pre-made twig wreath and you have a simple and organic decoration for your home!

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