Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Giving Cleaning a Whole New Meaning!

Trees are beautiful in autumn. Colors you can only imagine sprout from trees. The world decorates itself in preparation for the coming holidays. The downside to the beauty? The debris. As quickly as the leaves come, they just as quickly fall off. With the weather changing so quickly, lots of natural debris from the environment get strewn everywhere. But I say "why make it a hassle?" You can make it fun, all the while cleaning your environment!

Also, the exercise you get from being out in the brisk fall weather is unbeatable! A simple idea: Grab a holiday-themed bag (I say Halloween!) and make a day of gathering the tons of leaves that have already fallen. You can even gather the entire family and make a memory of it! Kids would love a chance to play around in nature. Time will fly and before you know you'll have a spotless yard. I recommend an orange garbage bag with a jack'o lantern design on it, they're sold at most retail stores. You can also search the web for them, if unable to find them in your neighborhood.

Fill those bags full of autumn's finest and you'll have a new, cheap holiday decoration! Not to mention, you're recycling! You're putting old things that would have lain scattered is a hazardous mess to awesome use. When the leaves get too old, and the life-sized "jack o' lanterns" are a bit droopy, just properly dispose of them (landfills or even a compost heaps would be ideal) and get ready to have another day of autumn fun! Re-use the bags for another romp around the yard with the family gathering more leaves! The possibilities are numerous!

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